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[ 3D Balls Menu v1.5]

  • [ Readme]

    The 3D Balls Menu is copyright © HeHo, All Rights Reserved.
    The 3D Balls Menu is released with NO WARRANTY and freely usable/distributable.
    Feel free to use this applet for your non-commercial projects.
    If you want to use it for commercial purpose, please contact me with e-mail.

  • [ Screenshot ]

  • [ Samples ]

    Sample 1 Standard sample with background image
    Sample 2 different background color
    Sample 3 different ball's color
    Sample 4 use blend effect
    Sample 5 use blur effect
    Sample 6 blur+blend
    Sample 7 big size

  • [ Parameters ]

    You can change parameters in HTML file, take a look at this sample :

    <applet width="300" height="300" code="bmenu.class" archive="bmenu.jar">
     <param name="background" value="">
     <param name="bgcolor" value="000000">
     <param name="linkscolor" value="ff3333">
     <param name="sprite" value="sprite.gif">
     <param name="spritesize" value="128">
     <param name="spriteminsize" value="16">
     <param name="spritemaxsize" value="92">
     <param name="spritesizeamp" value="16">
     <param name="speed" value="5">
     <param name="labelwidth" value="65">
     <param name="labelheight" value="20">
     <param name="labelcolor" value="6699ff">
     <param name="textcolor" value="000000">
     <param name="blur" value="0">
     <param name="blend" value="0">
     <param name="link1" value="Link 1,_top,1.htm,88ccff">
     <param name="link2" value="Link 2,_top,2.htm,88ffff">
     <param name="link3" value="Link 3,_top,3.htm,88ffcc">
     <param name="link4" value="Link 4,_top,4.htm,88ff88">
     <param name="link5" value="Link 5,_top,5.htm,ccff88">
     <param name="link6" value="Link 6,_top,6.htm,ffff88">
     <param name="link7" value="Link 7,_top,7.htm,ffcc88">
     <param name="link8" value="Link 8,_top,8.htm,ff8888">

    Description min max
    width Applet width. pixel    
    height Applet height. pixel    
    background Background image filename.      
    bgcolor Background color in RGB hex value, like html format, but without the prefix "#".
    This parameter will have effect if you don't use background image.
    RGB 000000 FFFFFF
    linkscolor Color of the ball when mouse is over. RGB 000000 FFFFFF
    sprite Sprite image filename.
    You can use GIF file, dont forget to use transparency.
    spritesize Sprite size. pixel 1 256
    spriteminsize Sprite min size. pixel 1 128
    spritemaxsize Sprite max size. pixel spriteminsize 256
    spritesizeamp Sprite size amplitude when mouse is over a link . pixel 1 64
    speed Speed. integer    
    labelwidth Label width. pixel    
    labelheight Label height. pixel    
    labelcolor Label color. RGB    
    textcolor Text color. RGB    
    blur Blur value (0..255), which is the color component subtracted for each level of blur to reach the black of the background.
    Lower values gives soft and more propagated blurring, higher values gives stronger decadence of color, fading to black sooner.
    To disable blur, set this value to 0.
    integer 0 128
    blend Blend Effect, set this value to 1 to enable effect . integer 0 1

    Parameters for Link n°#, in the following format :
    Example :
    <param name="link1" value="HeHo,_top,,88ccff">

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