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Welcome to Lain: Deeply Wired, a shrine dedicated to the Goddess of the wired, Lain. After much work enough applications were found to finish Construction of the shrine. All around you you will find many rooms. Feel free to explore as you wish. 
4-24-04 Site official up at

8-25-03 I won't be updatign this site any more. In fact soon it will be gone Tripod has just continued to cut space so I'm moving it to a new host as soon as I get my main Pc back from the Shop. Look at
in the next few days for an updated site with all the downloads back up.
5-11-02 All files except the music files are back up. Also expect a new page setup today or tommorow. the new setup? A new page lay out and guess what else, a Navi style navigation system. Yap a 3D navigation system that will be in a corner fram. it's looks total awesome.
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2-27-02 All Music Files or other files will be offline as of march 22, 2002. Thier linked to my ftp server on my pc and I'm moving. No idea how long it'll be down.
9-19-01 I've add a Lain CD player and 4 screen savers to the Misc. room. check them out. 
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8-28-01 The Journeys and journals room and room about the goddess Lain are not up yet. I have complete the link me room and the Misc. Room though.
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