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Lain: Deeply Wired Music Room
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Welcome to the Lain: Deeply Wired Misc. room of this Shrine. Here you'll find things that fit under any other room descriptions. Fonts, and more. 

Like my Lain Banner Kit. A zipped BMP file with all the pieces I used to make my banners and you can use to make your own.

Currently there is only one font here.
Love letter Font.
This Font is the one used in lots of lain. It's a very nice font and I use it in my Link Me banners.
Program / Item
Love letter Font
37.2 KB

Lain Banner Kit
Like my banners? then this is the file for you, it's a zipped bmp. The bmp file has all the pieces I used to make my own banners. With this you should be bale to make your own liana banners with out have to go threw all the editing I had to. Enjoy. 
Program / Item
NAVI Lain Banner Kit
103 KB

Programs that arn't Navi related
Lain CD player
A Cd player with a dancing lain in it that dance to your music. a Cool little player.
Program / Item
Lain CD
65.7 KB

Screen Savers
Screen Savers I've found while journeying and exploring the Wired.
Lain Denchu
A screen saver here small picture of phone lines come into exsitince. a very cool screen saver.
Program / Item
Lain Denchu
1.92 MB
Lain Night
A screen saver that shows Picturess of different night time spots, many similar to the outside of Cyberia night club in Lain..
Lain Night
310 KB
A navi Emulator screen saver. It goes from blue to many colors slowly.
Lain Navi Screen
171 KB
NAVISCDD2 - GL version.
A navi Emulator screen saver. It goes from blue to many colors slowly. The same one as above except it is a GL version.
Lain Navi Screen GL
175 KB