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Movie Room
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Welcome to the Lain: Deeply Wired Movie room of this Shrine. Here you'll find Movie clips from the Anime Serial Experiments: Lain. There is a wide variety here for you to look at. Clips from the The Play Station Game can also be found here. 

All Music Files or other files will be offline as of march 22, 2002. Thier linked to my ftp server on my pc and I'm moving. No idea how long it'll be down.

File Type Program need to watch File
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Name and info
File Type
Play Station Files
Serial experimetns: Lain PS game preview one MOV
1.26 MB
Serial experimetns: Lain PS game preview two MPEG
3.01 MB
Navi Login MOV
Serial Experiments: Lain Files
Serial experiments: Lain Opening Theme MOV
7.82 MB
More Can be found here