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Navi Room


NAVI | CyberBuddy/MS Agent Files | Athena

You don't have java! Why don't you get: Microsoft Explorer

Welcome to the Navi Room. This room is used to talk about software that can make your computer more like lain computer, Navi. All of this stuff has collected from all over the Wired after much searching and many journeys. 

This Room is going to grow with time. The aim is help shorten the Time for other people who may be looking for the same stuff.

There are two links for each program, if possible.
 The first is on my own server and may be slow cause it's run on cable modem but always here. The other is a link to the program Official website where you can get the latest version but page tend to come and go. A new window will open for the Official links.


NAVI is a desktop replacement program design to look similar to Lain's OS's Desktop. It Covers up the normal desktop but can have the Image in the background, or blind, turn off so you can get to the icons. Also the sphere them selves can be show or hide. This means you can have the program running in the background till you need it, the sphere and Icon both visible, or a clean screen, with just the blind/background visible.

Also by copying the navi.dat file and keep multiply copies its possible to go back to an older sphere arrangement and background. The Navi.dat hold all your settings. So you just make a copy the current navi.dat after shutting down NAVI and then over write the original with and older one. start up NAVI back up and there you go. Also keep and backup of the navi.dat is good in case something happens. Just drop it in and your setting are back. 

Also the program streches the pictures that it use in the background to fit the screen. There are few anime background that I made for the program. 
*Warning the backgounds for download are made for a 1024x768 screen size*

Screen Shoots
NAVI Normal
NAVI No blind
NAVI No Spheres
 186 KB
189 KB
Navi Read Me From Here
6.45 KB
NAVI Home Download page
Navi Read me From Navi home.
6.45 KB
Lain Bed
Shot 1
1.03 MB
Lain Code
Shot 2
 315 KB
Lain PlayStation
Shot 3
116 KB
Kodocha Childs Toy party
Shot 4
238 KB
Cyber Buddy

This is a cool program I list all it's features, then below that are other files that work with it and make it better. It use MS 
Agent so can use any characters you have for it.

CyberBuddy makes you Computer more like Lain's. it can read your e-mail for you, and more. 

MS Agent Software can also be found at the very Bottom of this section.
* Programs that are recommnded to be downloaded if your downloading CyberBuddy


MS Agent will automatically be download at the end of Cyberbuddy's installation if you need it so don't worry.

  • Keep reminders and get your attention when reminder is due.
  • Instant Message with speech and animation.
  • Send Voice Messages.
  • Bring you the latest Headlines, in several news categories.
  • Give you the local Weather.
  • Tell you the time at designated intervals.
  • Check Your Email - Up to 50 Mailboxes
  • Can read you email to you.
  • Filter Spam from email. 
  • Get Stock Quotes - Reports when changes under/over limits.
  • Check your favorite web pages for changes.
  • Keep track and report on your internet speed.
  • Read text, web pages, documents or the clipboard to you.
  • Give Jokes & Thoughts of the Day from other CyberBuddies.
  • Remember to give you a compliment.
  • You can customize many of the program's remarks.

 1.74 MB
CyberBuddy Home Download page
CyberBuddy Home


This is a Character that I use for CyberBuddy (Excpet I renamed her file Navi).  She's perfect for the anime fans out there.  She's the Girl you see at the top of the page and to the upper right of this section. 

1.35 MB
N/A - As soon as I find it Again
Mary's Voice*

This is a Voice Pack for MS Agent. The Female Voice is the best I've heard so far. The Voice actual sound human like unlike the few that original come with MS Agent.

2.32 MB
N/A - As soon as I find it Again
CyberBuddy Story Builder

Exactly what the name say. It allows you to make a script using the MS agent Characters on you system for a story/play and then play it through CyberBuddy.

CyberBuddy Story Builder
1.00 MB
CBSB Main page and download page
MS Agent Screen Saver and Scripter.

These are two programs that work together. You put the just put the funsaver.scr file into you windows directory and load script file made using using the Scripter. The scripter make text documents with scripting in them to tell which Character to use and when. Very cool to make a discussion between Characters.

94.1 KB
Screen Saver Scripter
147 KB
Where is Lain? 
A Script file I made. Requires  Athena. 
 2 KB
Agent Animation Browser

Allows you to see animation's are part of the character you have for MS Agent. help you know what you can do with a  character.

Agent Animation Browser
127 KB
N/A - As soon as I find it Again