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Relena Peacecraft

Original know as Relena Darlian, Relena was raised by the Darlians after the Sanc kingdom, rules by her true family, the Peacecrafts, Fell to invasion by the federation. She was to young at the time to remember so didn't know here true Identity till her adopted father, Minister Darlian, was killed by OZ. In his last moments he told her about who she really was.

This, and her previous encounters with Hero Yuy set into action all that would change her future and the future of the whole world.

Before her true identity was know to her, Relena lived and grew up in Darlian Household.  The Darlians were very wealth and Relena was never in need of anything. She herself, with her kind and gentle attitude drew many admirers and friends. She had few worries. She traveled with  Minister Darlian on most of his travels, including the trip in which he is killed.

After learning her true Identity she decide to take up both her original family's and the Darlian's beliefs and wishes, total Peace and Pacifisml. Through out Gundam wing she trys to bring peace to the world and even restores the Sanc Kingdom though she loses it again to OZ, the people who have taken over most of which the old federation held.

Her Beliefs

Like her adopted family, the Darlians and here true family, Relena believe in pacifism and that all conflict can be resolved by talking, not violence.

She believes that violence, be it between earth bound nations, the Colonies, or the colonies and earth is unnecessary. even with everyone else fighting around here and challenge after changeless standing before her she refuses to give in.

Other Info

Given Name:   Relena Darlian
Real Name:   Relena Peacecraft. 
Ocupation:  Briefly Queen of the World, then Vice Foreign Minster
Height:   5' 1"
Eye Color:  Light marine blue
Hair Color:  Light brown
Age:  16 
Birthplace:  Sanc Kingdom, Earth
Ethnic Origin:   Northern European
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Dorlin; Millardo PeaceCraft aka Zechs Merquise; Pagean, her butler